Oil industry workers began to strike in Brazil

Oil industry workers began to strike in BrazilThe Brazilian oil company Petrobras announced the reduction of the volume of oil production by 7% due to the strike of the company. Strike started July 14 and led to a stop 2 oil platforms in the basin Campos Basin off the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro and to reduce production at 136 000 bbl./day.

On the application of trade union work was suspended for 12 out of 33 oil platforms, reducing production by 400 000 bbl./day. Participants sought strike giving them an additional day off at the end of each two-week shifts on the platform. As claimed in the press, the strike will last for 5 days.

Concern Brazilian Petrobras produces about 1.6 billion barrels oil per day and is the world’s sixth oil company in terms of market capitalization. At the Campos Basin field produced more than 80% of Brazilian petroleum.